Divinalux Gift Boxes "Tastes of Nature"

Buy a very special Divinalux Gift to some very special and important person and gift this person a unique opportunity to Taste the real Flavours of Nature.

Divinalux Gift Boxes "Tastes of Nature", contains a selection of  Divinalux Wines and some very unique, completely Natural Organic products from Divinalux sustainable and organic Farm. Those products are available only to Divinalux Guests and Divinalux Community. 

Purchasing this unique GIFT, you join Divinalux Community and contribute to our efforts to build a better future, a future where people appreciate the amazing Gifts of our mother earth, reconnect to the Surrounding Nature, and learn to respect and love each other. A future where children are playing outdoors with real animals and experiencing real basic qualities of life. It is a future in which we have managed to clear our planet from pollution and clean air, clean water and healthy food is the privilege of all. Join us and lets build this future together.